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  • Motherboards with Microprocessor and other peripherals like RAM, UARTS, FPGA's, Display controllers, PCI/ISA interface, Clock generators, Communication interface, Floppy drive & Other controllers, Ethernet and any customized circuitry.
  • Microprocessor/Micro controller based cards.
  • Electronic cards with analog and digital circuitry
  • Switch Mode Power supplies ( SMPS ) & power electronics circuitry
  • Small mechanical assemblies
  • Small Electronic control panels, machine repair & Retrofitting any additional circuitry
  • GSM/GPRS/CDMA based modems & circuitry
  • Telecommunication instruments
  • Industrial process controller / Automation cards/PCBs
  • Industrial automation PCBs
  • Mobile handsets
  • Complete repair/servicing of Lottery Machines with Motherboards, RAM, Hard disk, COM cards, SMPS etc.
  • Keyboards of various kinds - mainly used with Lottery Machines
  • RS 232-485 Converters
  • Thermal Printers/Dot Matrix Printers
  • Lottery Machine Interface cards
  • Lottery Machine – SMPS
  • Lottery machine - Mark reader scanner circuitry
  • Lottery Machines - Motherboards based on Intel 386 Microprocessor

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To offer reliable and cost effective solutions meeting and exceeding customers requirements.